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Alexander Lehmann, Member of the Municipal Council of Rüdersdorf near Berlin

Alexander Lehmann, Brighton and Hove

My name is Alexander Lehmann, and I was born on March 9, 1997, in the picturesque town of Rüdersdorf near Berlin. My life's journey has taken me through various cities – from Seelow to the vibrant Brighton in the United Kingdom, and then to Frankfurt (Oder) and Strausberg. Despite my travels and professional stops, my connection to my homeland has always remained strong, leading me back to Rüdersdorf where my roots are deeply anchored.

As a dedicated teacher at a public school, I share my knowledge and passion for subjects such as German, Mathematics, English, History, and WAT (Economics-Work-Technology) daily. It brings me great joy to inspire young people and guide them on their educational paths.

My interest in societal issues is also reflected in my involvement in local politics. As the Equal Opportunities Officer for the city of Strausberg, I gained valuable experience advocating for equal opportunities. On a state level, I contribute my perspectives as the State Chairman of LSU (Lesbians and Gays in the Union) and serve as a permanent member of the CDU state executive committee.

My international orientation is evident not only from my time as chairman of an organization in London but also from my ongoing membership with the German-British Society and the Royal British Legion. These commitments represent my dedication to democracy on a European level and fostering German-British friendship.

In addition to my role as a teacher, I am active internationally and maintain an office in London from which I continue my work promoting cross-border cooperation. Since 2024, I have been an elected municipal representative for Rüdersdorf near Berlin.